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 If You Want To Control Everything Of Your Life, You Need To Be Your Own Boss

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Being A Woman You Are Missing Girl Talks

Being A Woman You Are Missing Girl Talks

If you need to hear,
Come on girl, You got this...

If you need to hear, Come On Girl, You Got This...

You've Got It In You To Do This. From Women You Respect,Well, This Is The Book To Read.

From: Tamira Luc
(A Woman With Vision International)

Being A Woman You Are Missing Girl Talks.

You Are Not Having Success In Life As Much As You Are Capable Of. This Book Is Your Partner. It Will Be Your Friend. Who Will Make You Believe In Yourself Again.

No Matter What The Situation Is. You Don't Need Anything To Boss Up Your Life. Other Than Courage.

  • This Book Will Respect You
  • This Book Will Honour A You.
  • This Book Will Empower You Relentlessly. No Matter What Abuse Or Divorce Or Pandemics You Have Faced In Your Life.

“Women Who Gossip” Is A Welcome Component To Any Boss Or Boss In The Making.

You Will Hear From The Woman You Respect.

Send Me Your Address....

I'd like to rush a FREE copy of 
"Women Who BossUp" to your doorstep, ASAP!

Like I mentioned before, this book is free. I'll pay for the book and all I ask is that you help me cover the shipping and handling cost and we'll send it anywhere in the world!

While Reading This Book You Will Be Exploded By The Things You Will Be Discovering...

Inside "Women Who BossUp" I will be sharing with you 15 Secrets to help you Boss Up Your Life!

Here's a sneak peek at what you'll discover inside of your free copy of this new book:

Section #1: Women Who Bossup

  • Secret #1: Tam Luc Will Deeply Explain What This Term Mean. How You Can Be Succeeded By Bossing Up.

Section #2: Women Who BossUp In Life

  • Secret #2: Roma Bajaj Kohli Will Train You So That You Can “Master Your Mind”
  • Secret #3: How You Can Balance Your Purpose And Passion- Jennifer Blair Will Answer This From Her Life
  • Secret #4: Learn The Art Of Looking Up, Reaching Out And Stepping Forward From Kimberley Loska
  • ​Secret #5: Kanen Meade Will Share Her Story Of How She Had Organized Her Home To Move Forward

Section-3: Women Who Bossup In Health And Wellness

  • Secret #6: Nobinging- Learn To Cope Perfectly From Marisabell Bonnici.
  • Secret #7: The Steps Of Doing Yoga And Controlling The Mind By Lauren D’angelo.
  • Secret #8: Dr. Usha Mantha Will Be Sharing The Ways Of Staying Healthy, Reducing Weight And Improving Immunity.
  • Secret #9: How To Build Habits That Will Support Your Healthcare And Boost Your Career- By Karissa Williams.
  • ​Secret #10: How To Own Your Life- By Victoria Plekenpol.

Section-4: Women Who Bossup In Business

  • Secret #11: Build A Successful Personal Brand With Jasmine Kratz
  • Secret #12: Become A Sleep Specialist With Summer Hartman
  • Secret #13: Jodi Vetterl Will Reveal The Strategies Of Balancing Life With Money Lending
  • ​Secret #14: The Art Of Implementing An Unforgettable Customer Experience- By Yamilca Rodriquez
  • ​Secret #15: How To Be A Mom And An Entrepreneur- Clara Capano



I'd like to rush a FREE copy of the "Women who BossUp" to your doorstep, ASAP!

Learn From Women Who Have
Leveled Up In Life

Learn From Women Who Have
Leveled Up In Life

This Book profiles women who have broken the mold to achieve, overcome difficulties or inspire change through relentless endeavor.

"Women Who BossUp" not only honors women, but also empowers all women to boss up in life, no matter what the situation is because other women have done the same.
  • Learn How You Can Balance Your Purpose And Passion
  • Learn The Art Of Looking Up, Reaching Out And Stepping Forward
  • Learn To Cope Anywhere Perfectly
  • Know The Steps of Yoga And Controlling The Mind
  • Build A Successful Personal Brand 
  • Become A Sleep Specialist
  • Learn to Achieve A Balancing Life 
  • BossUp Yourself!

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as educational platforms for her advocacy and business sense. For over 6 years
Allison has been an influencer and content creator for Absolutely Alli, a life and style
blog. She used this passion to create a business called Absolutely Social, where she helps others cultivate digital lifestyles, by monetizing social media channels for businesses and individuals. Absolutely Social provides digital courses, live events, private consultations, coaching and social media management. Allison has developed a book and masterclass called The Business of Blogging and Social Media Influencing. If that is not enough
Allison is also the owner of YayMaker Louisville. YayMaker creates fun events with you in mind, bringing the Yay to the party. Allison curates artistic events to include Paint Nite, Plant Nite, Candle Nite, Mosaic Nite, and many more.
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